Monodzukuri Test

Monodzukuri Test

About test

JIPM has developed the new service called “Monodzukuri Test” for employees working in the manufacturing industry since 2014.

This test is utilized for the human resource development on manufacturing.
Not only participants acquire confidence and knowledge necessary to manufacturing but also company can evaluate their own employees in an objective way.

Monodzukuri Test Online – Manufacturing Test Online –

You can take the test anywhere, anytime in the world using the Internet.

Monodzukuri Test in Thailand (Certification)

Applicants can take a paper-based Thai language test in Thailand.

Monodzukuri Test – Competence Research

The Monodzukuri Test provides TEST & Textbook in the English, Japanese, and Thai languages based on the Autonomous Maintenance certification in Japan and can be used evaluate the competencies in manufacturing industry, including in comparison to different sites in the company or other companies in the same industry.

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