Monodzukuri Test

Monodzukuri Test

JIPM has developed the new service called “Monodzukuri Test” for employees working in the manufacturing industry since 2014.

This test is utilized for the human resource development on manufacturing.
Not only participants acquire confidence and knowledge necessary to manufacturing but also company can evaluate their own employees in an objective way.

Monodzukuri Test in Thailand (Certification)

For Monodzukuri Test 2019 in Thailand, please check the schedule below.


May Open the examination guidance
From Jul 19 to Aug 30 Application period
From Nov 9 to Nov 19 Test period


Jan 9 Result Announcement

Result of Monodzukuri Test 2019

2018 Examination Guidance

Application Form

Manual for Application Form

Learning Text

  • English PDF
  • Application Form

We delegate the actual operation to Technology Promotion Association(Thailand-Japan)(hereinafter, TPA)in Thailand.

Monodzukuri Test – Competence Research

As more companies expand globally, it has become increasingly challenging to ensure consistency when training human resources. Even when trying to evaluate each regional site’s performance, it is difficult to determine common indicators of competencies due to differences in equipment and products. Moreover, besides performance indicators within the company, companies are also concerned with where they rank within their country, region, and industry.
The Monodzukuri Test provides TEST & Textbook in the English, Japanese, and Thai languages based on the Autonomous Maintenance certification in Japan and can be used evaluate the competencies in manufacturing industry, including in comparison to different sites in the company or other companies in the same industry.

With the objective evaluation of Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM), a third-party, and comparison data accumulated on a global basis, this evaluation method has come to be widely accepted globally and is easy to implement.

Sample of Textbook