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◆International shipping
Textbooks can be shipped outside of Japan. However, please note that your company will be responsible for all fees such as delivery costs, customs duty (depending on the country), and bank transfer fees.

Invoices will be issued in advance. Please note that textbooks will be sent after bank transfers have been confirmed.

When payments are made from companies within Japan, invoices will be sent to the company making the payment,and textbooks will be sent to the company requesting the textbooks simultaneously. (The recipient will be liable for any applicable customs fees, etc.)

Invoices and textbooks will be sent to the contact personnel If you require delivery to another individual, please enter this information in the Notes section.)

◆Handling of personal information
Personal information entered in the form will be used for relevant operations/management/document delivery based on this form. Furthermore, the organization may send information on businesses, services, seminars or the like at a later date. The organization takes appropriate measures to ensure the security of the provided personal information based on our Privacy Policy, For more details on our Privacy Policy and the disclosure, crrection and deletion of personal information, visit our organization’s webpage (https://www.jipm.or.jp/)