Owens Corning Fiberglass A.S. LTDA GRS Plant

Owens Corning Fiberglass A.S. LTDA GRS Plant

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2020 Consistent Owens Corning Fiberglass A.S. LTDA GRS Plant Brazil

1. Organization Profile

The story of Owens Corning began in the 1930s when a failed experiment with glass building blocks produced a surprising result – it revealed a way to make glass fibers in commercial quantities. That discovery launched more than a new product. It set in motion a remarkable series of events that included the birth of Owens Corning and the spawning of new industries related to the production of fiber glass materials.

From its inception in 1938, Owens Corning has leveraged the power of innovation to achieve its mission of delivering solutions, transforming markets and enhancing lives. And for nearly 75 years, Owens Corning has led virtually every major technological advance in glass fiber technology.

Through the years, Owens Corning innovations have ranged from military applications during World War II and the Fiberglas™ – reinforced 1954 Chevrolet Corvette to the manufacture of materials for Apollo space suits, insulation of the Trans-Alaska pipeline and the Fiberglas™ roof of the Haj Terminal in Saudi Arabia, to name but a few. This spirit of innovation continues today with revolutionary solutions such as Owens Corning’s high-performance EcoTouch™ insulation, introduced in 2011.

– Rio Claro Plant

Owens Corning Rio Claro began its activities in 1972, it´s one of the most strategic plants of Owens Corning in the world due its product mix that made of Rio Claro an important Multi-Category Plant. Its primary activity is Manufacturing /Assemble of Roving, T30, CSM (Chopped Strand Mat), Silentex™ and Ducs In Line Process (Chopped Fiberglass) / and exportation of their products all over the world.

Owens Corning Rio Claro operates 24/7 with a total of 381 employees. The current achievements and recognitions of the Plant are:

• ISO 9001
• ISO 14001
• OHSAS 18001
• 1st Place Award in Energy Saving in 2015 – Owens Corning Global Energy Efficiency Committee
• Great Place to Work Institute Award winner – National and Regional Category 2015 and 2016
• 51% on Quality Complaints Reduction from Customers From Excellence Level to Consistency Level
• Reduction in Recordable Incidence Rate (RIR) from 2.58 to 0.00 from Excellence Level to Consistency Level in 2020
• TPM Excellence Award Certified – 2017-2018

Every new admission, employee, visitor and contractor must fulfill local safety requirements such as:

 The use of protection equipment (safety shoes, earplugs, lenses, and helmet) and cotton made clothes (long sleeves are required inside the production process).
 The community involvement is a long –standing corporate objective, and OC Rio Claro together with Rio Claro city Commercial and Industrial Association develops social and development programs in vulnerable communities.

2. Milestones on the journey of Manufacturing Excellence

As the leader in fiberglass manufacturing worldwide, Owens Corning has adopted TPM as the only Management Model of our operations across the globe, and Rio Claro GRS Plant as one of the strategic sites of the company, after a very successful TPM Implementation and the Certification from JIPM in Excellence Level in 2017-2018, we have created conditions to expand methodology from “Make” dimension to other Supply Chain dimensions after have ensured reliability and an improvement culture in our equipments, processes and people development. So, as we have implemented the Excellence Journey phase focused in to ensure a good level of restoration in “A Critical Equipment” in order to avoid production disruption in the plant productive chain, achieving through a strong work from AM and PM Pillars, supported by FI and Training and Education Pillar. The level of stability and control over the process during that phase of the TPM Journey improved a lot and Escalations dropped from 6 in 2013 to 4 in 2016, which provided to us a cost impact that dropped from US$ 600.000 in 2013 to US$ 50.000 in 2016, and allowed Rio Claro Plant to leave 6th position in the most impacting plants due Escalations Ranking in 2013, to reach the 11th position in 2016 (Improvement). In the year of 2017 and 2018 with the Excellence Journey, Rio Claro GRS Plant achieved the position of one reliable and productive plant, completely managed under the method.
Looking for Batch House as the primary process of our productive chain, not only escalations, but losses due to lack of reliability on the weighing process also created unstable operation that caused hard impacts over our raw glass melting processes right after. So, PM Pillar using FI tools developed a root cause analysis over this problem. The result of that, is an improvement on our level of weighing process accuracy, and this one now is one of the most reliable in the Owens Corning Processes worldwide, dropping from approximately 30, 35 Kg a day to a maximum of 5Kg a day. This was one of the most remarkable results from the TPM Excellence Journey phase. The complete implementation of TPM in our Pilot Area, and the maturity gained in AM through this Journey, gave to the team a very accurate mindset of Loss decreasing, autonomy to solve problems and also a sense of leadership that created a momentum for other AM teams as Pilot Area group was started to be used as coaches for other operators and, by this, the area came strong and with remarkable results, such as more than 20 years with Zero Accident and ready to enter in AM Step 7 in the beginning of 2021, being the 1st one in Owens Corning worldwide. In the Consistency Journey phase this team has developed AM Step 6 focused on Losses risk reduction, as the plant has consolidated Zeros in Breakdowns, Quality Defect and Accidents in a very stable way.
In the Consistency Journey phase GRS Plant has started to expand TPM Methodology for Supply Chain and by Pillars interaction and scope expansion, many main projects were defined having the Loss Tree and Cost Deployment as the main drivers. A Process Called “Priority Teams”, sponsored by FI Pillar has allowed that every single pillar in the plant be able to delivery at least 2 Main projects that hits directly the biggest part of every SQDCP Loss voice and supporting through that, the consistency deliverable of Plant´s Ops Plan.
This movement also happened in Key Customer and Key Suppliers, where many of them could work with us in joint cases for loss reduction and flawless raw material flow end to end, as TF Plant as same time is one of our customers and supported by GRS Plant TPM maturity started to implement TPM inside same concepts and guidance. It´s remarkable the path executed by T&D Pillar in order to reduce the timing for methodology insertion in TF Plant by GRS members as a one of the most positive aspects of GRS TPM maturity.
The Spread of TPM methodology for the Supply Chain interfaces, such as CTSO (R&D), Logistics and Distribution + Warehousing created a way to expand Pillars activities in the new level of Losses, mainly for QM and for Office TPM Pillars that could work on quality reliability with suppliers and for Scheduling Attainment in Production. The results of such policy has brought to us -33% of Cost of Non Quality Loss from 2019 to 2020 and -51% from Excellence level to Consistency level in the same loss.

3. Benefits Achieved

This continuous improvement journey, after being certified in Excellence and started in Consistency has made the TPM of Rio Claro Plant differentiated and consolidated the plant as a center of methodological expertise inside Owens Corning, because not only the results have improved but, many Rio Claro members after have learned in Excellence Journey phase, they also had the opportunity to support other plants in their TPM Journey to establish strong processes based on TPM, potentiating the Best Practices exchanging and helping to solidify the TPM culture in Owens Corning worldwide. This T&D strong aspect can be observed by such people exchanging and experiencing methodological and processes coaching throughout the Consistency Journey phase that needed to travel to participate on coaching, training and workshops where they shared their experiences and achievements covering 4 continents and more than 5 plants.
The method to raise cases lead by FI influenced many plants inside Owens Corning and is part of the Global FI Training Material. The amount of cases implemented through this Consistency Journey Process as about 65 against 44 in 2015, 2016 and 2017 that comprehends the years of Excellence Level.
Regarding Quality dimension, Rio Claro Owens Corning has achieved a decrease of 31 Customer Complaints in 2013 to 14 in 2020, aligned with this vision, one of the most remarkable projects were born inside a partnership between QM, EEM Pillar and Office Pillar and has brought a CTSO (R&D) Area to this interface, where 1 Infinite Looping, 3 main QCs story and 1 PM Analysis allowed to cover improvements since process, passing through fabrication and Warehousing through a Technical Update Project in our CSM Line and a Vertical Warehousing Project, where not only costs were cut by elimination of External Warehouses, but Product Quality was ensured and kept in a better level. During the period the number of Poka Yokes in the plant increased by XXX and ensured a strong and solid quality defect decreasing curve since the beginning of the Consistency Journey. As the TPM solidifies in the plant as we advance in the journey, a system called Priority Teams was defined and managed by FI Pillar and by this all Main projects for every single pillar as driven. As part of OC Rio Claro Plant to be one of the impellers of the TPM in Owens Corning company together with other certified plants, this system has been replicated in many plants and by it, we also included Supply Chain projects that allow us to improve the flow of our materials and information, improving some indicators like Schedule Attainment considerately.
As a demonstration of all benefits and results of this successful journey, a table of results can be seen bellow.

4. Key of our Manufacturing Excellence

We want to continue to implement TPM as the way we manage our plant and now the Supply Chain we are inserted in, to define not only our corporative culture for Continuous Improvement, but to join efforts with our partners and suppliers to develop the most responsive value flow we can design and pilot, aiming be even more effective and competitive in terms of costs, qualitatively free of defects and recognized as a benchmark on safety. That´s our aim and for what we are striving day by day with methodology application that continues to bring results, people development and people transformation. We started, in the Consistency part of the journey, take this out of make and aggregating partners. Results were broadly positive and we will continue to do that, convinced that TPM has been not only for Owens Corning as plant as and global company, but for our partners. This approach and the experiences we had through the TPM Consistency Journey implementation in Rio Claro Plant, made possible to achieve many important zeros, impelling us in this path to search and pursuit those ones that we still need to work on to continue to deliver results. This is part of our journey until we get considered a World Class facility among not only Owens Corning community, but among our investors, suppliers and customers as well.
Our Pilot Area has been now transformed into an expertise center, where people can come and learn using the Best Practices that the team developed. As the stability as secured achieved in Batch House, the area worked to deliver a better performance on reducing the risks that could bring some breakdown or process issue. This was taken through steps 5, 6 and now the plant is actually running health assessments checking to move to the AM 7th Step, which means that we are near to be the 1st Owens Corning Batch House area to achieve such step, and allowing to help as a trailblazer for other Batch House areas that are developing themselves on the TPM Journey, inside AM Pillar.
The wave of restoration and improvement inside TPM model since we have started, gave to us not only confidence to go ahead and define our strategy to pursuit the World Class award level, but it made us also proud about the things we could make inside the journey. It´s also an imperative for us to continue to move forward with TPM implementation in Supply Chain and go ahead together.
TPM has made us criticize our own processes and mindset inside plant and outside plant, which allowed us to work to improve our former ways of working, even those ones with some results; they could be analyzed and improved even more. That´s what we made with Quality and Safety, where the occurrences brought to us opportunities to improve not only our process, but our mindset as well, but differently from Excellence Level, in Consistency Award, we started to make it in Supply Chain “end to end”. It´s important to say that, the strength of the output after this evolution process is strong and better and strongly recognized as an impeller for other challenges overcoming in the future.
All efforts of our TPM levels enhancement have brought to us competitive costs, which allowed us to overcome the Brazilian financial crisis alongside with Corona virus Pandemic year, with substantial competitiveness and investments. Our FI Cases allied to the main TPM Office Pillar´s process, the Cost Deployment, brought us almost in the whole period of Consistency Journey, a level of costs under than planned. This condition created by TPM mindset and tools opened to us a way to increase our process efficiency and to accelerate and spread the roll out and investment on improvements for the entire year, as the other competitors in Brazil needed to constraint their financial investments.
So, in this happy and confident spirit, looking forward for the challenges ahead of us and experienced by those ones we overcame through TPM application, we are proud to challenge ourselves to go to the Consistency Level Certification, and crown this 1st part of our journey that belongs to all employees and their achievements from top to bottom since our very beginning.